We're Live at Urban Outfitters!

We're Live at Urban Outfitters! - Three Ships

Picture this - 23-year-old young and naive Connie, walking the streets of downtown Toronto with product samples in hand. We had just launched our natural skincare brand a few months prior, and I was on the hunt for retailers we could partner with. One of the major stores I wanted to chat with that day was Urban Outfitters.

As I walked into the flagship store, I approached a store associate and asked to speak to her manager. After waiting a few minutes and browsing the beauty department, I was approached by the store manager. I nervously asked the manager if she would like to try our handmade natural skincare products, as I thought they would be a perfect fit for UO's aesthetic, affordable, and clean beauty section.

"Honey, purchasing is done at headquarters, not in-store."

And that was my first foray into understanding the world of chain retailers, buyer relationships, and expanding my scope beyond local boutiques and mom & pop shops. Truth be told, I was a bit embarrassed by my mistake, but experiences like this are what have helped build my thick skin. I used my learning from this encounter, and ultimately applied it to pitching and landing our current retail partners like Target, Whole Foods, Holt Renfrew, Indigo, and Hudson's Bay.

Three years later, and who comes knocking other than the Urban Outfitters buyer herself! She sent me an email in October 2020, after discovering our brand through Instagram and hearing about us on Dragons' Den. A few months of onboarding later, and I am SO excited to share that we are live on urbanoutfitters.com in both Canada and the US, as well as the top 6 stores across Canada! To find the store nearest you, please use our handy Store Locator.

three ships beauty urban outfitters

Products Available at Urban Outfitters

Radiance Grape Stem Cell + Squalane Day Cream

three ships beauty radiance day cream

This light-weight day cream protects skin from sun exposure and keeps skin hydrated. Revolutionary grape stem cells protect from UV damage throughout the day, fighting photo-aging. Hydrating prickly pear and argan oils along with natural squalane lock in moisture leaving skin soft and radiant.

Purify Aloe + Amino Acid Cleanser

three ships beauty purify cleanser

This alcohol-free gel cleanser removes makeup and dirt, without stripping skin of natural oils. Natural amino acids replenish your skin's moisture barrier, plump and lift. Containing zero alcohol, this formula contains 26% aloe vera, proven to hydrate and repair your skin.

Glow 49% Jojoba Oil Serum

three ships beauty glow jojoba oil serum

This oil serum helps to minimize the appearance of pores and condition skin. Jojoba oil is a light-weight and fast-absorbing botanical extract. With a nearly identical chemical structure to skin’s natural sebum, jojoba helps to balance oily T-zones. Vitamin E and camellia oil are added to this serum for extra hydration, giving skin a supple, dewy finish.

Detox Green Tea Antioxidant Clay Mask

three ships beauty detox green clay mask

This brightening clay mask deep-cleanses pores, removes impurities like blackheads and whiteheads, and gently exfoliates dead skin cells. French green clay and green tea extract are high in natural anti-collagenase activities, shown to decrease collagen loss by 47%, keeping your skin glowing and youthful.

Piña Colada Lip Exfoliator

three ships beauty pina colada lip exfoliator

This triple-action scrub exfoliates, plumps, and conditions lips. Fine sugar crystals remove dry skin/flakes and plump your lips, while shea butter and oils help hydrate and soothe. This scrub contains zero artificial colours and is scented with a natural piña colada flavour.

See any of our products in-store, or decide to add one of our skincare products to cart next time you're browsing Urban Outfitters summer dresses? Tag us and we'll re-share on Instagram! Thank you SO much for the support as always. Our Three Ships community is incredible, and we are forever grateful for you all.

Until next time!

Connie Lo, Co-Founder