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Our community lets us connect with our Insiders - including some of our most influential customers and supporters. Your honest reviews and recommendations will earn your friends and followers discounts, help them choose the right products for their skin, and earn you money in the bank!

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Here's How It Works:

1. Earn $$$

Register yourself as a Fleet Insider. You will then receive a custom affiliate code that will give your friends/followers 20% off while you earn 15% commission on all sales made through your link.

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Once signed up, you can use your own 20% off custom code to stock up on all your fave Three Ships goodies so we can start collaborating! You can also start sharing your custom code when posting content on your feed to earn commission.

3. Payouts

Once you hit the threshold of $30 USD (or CAD equivalent) in commission, you will be paid out via PayPal (please ensure that the email you signed up with correlates to your PayPal account email).