Recycle with Pact

Carefully imagined by science

always safe from harm

100% plant-derived ingredients

transparency is our motto

100% plant-derived ingredients

transparency is our motto

Carefully imagined by science

always safe from harm

100% plant-derived ingredients

transparency is our motto

100% plant-derived ingredients

transparency is our motto

Pact Membership

Three Ships Beauty is a proud member of Pact, a nonprofit membership organization that collects hard-to-recycle beauty products such as pumps and serum droppers.

Pact sorts through the hard-to-recycle packages by material type with the aim to find the highest and best use for all materials. Ideally, Pact will sell some of the material back to beauty packaging manufacturers to fulfill the circular economy.

Through Pact's Mail-Back collection Program, Three Ships customers can ship their empty Three Ships products to Pact or drop off their empties at a retail location. Pact has a number of participating in-Store locations across Canada and the US.

Get rewarded for each package you recycle

Get rewarded with $5 off your next order

Three Ships is covering all collection and recycling fees. Since Pact is a nonprofit we need customers to contribute $5 to cover the shipping costs. As a bonus, you'll receive a $5 discount code for your next Three Ships order to reward your efforts and cover Pact shipping costs!

Lets close the loop on hard-to-recycle beauty packaging

How to Recycle with Pact

Empty + Clean

Rinse or wipe clean the package. The container has to be clean, and less than 3% of product should be left in the container.

Dispose properly

Check out Pact’s Recycling Guidelines to learn where each specific package belongs: Curbside Bin, Trash or Pact Bin: Find a Pact Recycling Bin near you and toss in the Pact-approved clean empties. If there is no Pact Bin near you, you can mail back your clean empties through our collection program!

Give it new life

Once the Pact Bin is full, retailers ship it to our recycling facility. Pact sorts through all materials then sell them to recyclers. Ideally, Pact will sell material back to packaging manufacturers so that it can be used in beauty again- you can be a part of that solution.

pact approved packaging

What packaging does Pact accept?

Collect a bunch of empties and send them at once to save on shipping costs. You can send back any Pact approved packages through the program. This program is not exclusive to Three Ships products.

Small plastic jars/pots, tubes, sticks, and small (e.g. travel size) bottles

Lipstick and lip gloss tubes, applicators

Mascara tubes and wands

Lotion pumps, treatment pumps, all dispensers

Aluminum tubes, makeup compacts, and colored glass

In-Store Collection Program

Visit a participating Pact location (Credo Beauty in US and Hudsons Bay in Canada) and toss the approved clean empties into their collection bins, free of charge.

Mail-Back Collection Program

Our Mail-Back Collection Program is for customers who don’t have access to a local Pact Bin. To participate, visit our co-branded website to access shipping and payment information. Place 5-10 empty beauty packages into a box or envelope you already have (reuse!) with your shipping label and drop off your envelope at a mailbox.

Upcycling your packaging

Did you know that the cardboard tubes, glass bottles, and droppers can become your everyday essentials? We've got effortless ways for you to upcycle our zero-waste product packaging.


Cardboard Outer packaging

Our cardboard packaging protects your glass jars from breakage and can easily be upcycled for everyday use.

Our cleanser, toner, and serum packaging are perfect for storing your makeup brushes and holding pencils and pens.


Empty Bottles

Your empty serum and cleanser bottles are perfect for propagating small plants. You can use them as mini flower vases or fill them with water to grow leaf cuttings. Get creative and paint or spray paint your empty bottles to make flower vases.


Empty Jars

There are numerous ways to upcycle your empty Three Ships jars.

Re-use your empty glass jar as a container for mixing your next Three Ships mask. These glass jars are great for storing jewelry and can be used for travelling. If you love gardening, add some soil to your jar and use it to plant succulents and cacti.

To stay organized, use your jar to store any office supplies such as paper clips or pins. If you’re on the go, use the jar to store any snacks, vitamins, or medication.

Our lip product glass jars can be upcycled as candle holders or make your own diy soy candles.