Essential Oils in Our Natural Skincare Products

Essential Oils in Our Natural Skincare Products - Three Ships

Essential oils have a wide range of benefits for our skin, body and minds. This is why we feature essential oils in virtually all of our Three Ships products. Reach below for a description of some of the essential oils that we use as well as the benefits that they have on the skin.


This oil contains strong anti-bacterial properties, making it a God send for acne-prone skin. It also stimulates melatonin release that promotes deep sleep, making this oil a staple in your night time routine. 


The Holy Grail product for naturally treating blemishes, this oil shrinks zits and reduces redness all in one go. Ditch the concealer for good! Specially formulated to be gentle on eyes.


Basically youth in a bottle, this oil combats wrinkles while also evening skin tone and killing bacteria. Benjamin Button, who? Found in our Nourish Lavender + MCT Cleansing Oil and Soothe Rosehip Vitamin C Pink Clay Mask.


This oil calms both body and soul by healing dry and itchy skin while also relaxing the mind. Find your inner yogi with this soothing blend. It can be found in our Nourish Lavender + MCT Cleansing Oil.

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Nourish Lavender + MCT Cleansing Oil

Hydrates Skin


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