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Our cleansers are designed to remove impurities, germs, dirt and makeup that can irritate the skin. Start with a cleansing oil and follow with a gel or foaming cleanser.

Clay masks can be used to prevent breakouts by removing dirt and impurities. An exfoliating mask can brighten and even skin tone, while gently removing dead skin cells.

Add a toner after cleansing to minimize the appearance of pores, minimize acne, and balance pH levels. Toners are ideal for all skin types.

Serums can deliver a very high concentration of active ingredients. Water-based serums go on before creams. Oil-based serums go on after creams.

Creams support the skin barrier and keeps the skin moisturized, healthy and more resilient.

Our lip and eye care formulas are made specifically to soften, hydrate, and treat the sensitive lip and eye areas. We offer eye creams, lip masks and lip exfoliators.

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How Do Our Clay Masks Work?

Our natural face masks work by harnessing the power of three different types of clays.

  • Kaolin. Found in both our masks, kaolin acts like a magnet, lifting away dirt and oil from the surface of the skin and helping gently exfoliate the skin.

  • French green clay in our Detox Green Tea Antioxidant Clay Mask dives deep into pores for a thorough cleansing, while green tea extract helps provide antioxidant protection against free radicals.

  • French pink clay in our Soothe Rosehip Vitamin C Clay Mask is the solution for sensitive skin. Don’t let this delicate clay fool you, it’s still strong enough to clean your pores and lift away impurities. Vitamin C and rosehip help reduce the appearance of fine lines and age spots.

The fountain of youth in a natural face mask? You’ve found it. Our clay masks work for acne-prone or oily skin as well as sensitive skin that needs a boost of radiance.

Why Clay?
Using clay masks for your face is a natural way to cleanse your skin deeply without stripping your skin of natural moisture. The sustainably sourced clay in our masks works well for all skin types because it gently removes impurities while helping keep your skin’s natural moisture level balanced.

How To Use Our Clay Masks

To harness the power of kaolin and french clay, mix ½ T of your preferred mask with water or toner to make a paste. Apply evenly to clean skin with fingers or a brush. Allow the mask to dry for ten minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water.

Follow up with your favorite serum and cream.