Face Mapping – What Your Breakouts Are Trying to Tell You

Face Mapping – What Your Breakouts Are Trying to Tell You - Three Ships

Is it just us, or do breakouts happen just when you have a big event coming up, like an interview, first date, or presentation? They’re the worst, especially when they always pop up in the same areas! If you notice that your breakouts are usually in the exact same spot on your face, then the concept of face mapping may be useful in eradicating your blemishes once and for all!

"Face mapping is the ability to see the reflection of the body's organs on each part of the face by observing the face's complexion — such as luster, dullness, and color [and breakouts!] — as well as the tongue and face expression," explains Chinese scholar and co-founder of the skincare line Baszicare Chapman Lee. To sum it up, where you're experiencing breakouts is a sign of what's happening inside your body. Let’s break it down:

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Breakouts on your forehead are linked to stress or an irregular sleep schedule. Try using probiotics, meditation, lavender essential oils, or whatever your go-to activity is to de-stress (because who can say no to online shopping?).

Between the Brows

Did you recently have a major cheat meal that consisted of fried, greasy foods and maybe a splash or two of alcohol (it’s a no judgment zone here)? Pimples between your eyebrows are associated with problems with your kidney, stomach, or spleen. Try increasing your fruits and veggies for clearer skin. 


Allergies or an imbalance of your liver and lungs will show up on your cheeks. Avoid spicy food (put down the chili flakes), get a work out in, and also ensure you regularly clean your cell phone before pressing it up against your face.


Chin breakouts are usually due to a change of hormones during that time of the month. Look at foods that help regulate our natural hormones, such as foods high in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats (salmon, coconut oil, eggs, avocados, almonds).

No matter where your breakouts tend to happen, remember to always cleanse properly and regularly (even if you're really tired!). Let us know in the comments if you've tried face mapping and how you found it!


Image source: Belle Mocha 

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