7 Sunday Habits For A Successful Week Ahead

7 Sunday Habits For A Successful Week Ahead - Three Ships

Laura here! Humans are creatures of habit... or so they say. Personally, I find that I’ve always struggled with establishing and constantly following habits in both my personal and professional life. Things will be great for a few weeks, I’ll get in a groove and the habits start to feel like they’re really sinking in. Then BAM! Something happens that throws everything else off course (getting sick, travelling, high workload etc.)

However, I’ve come to learn that going through the extra effort to ensure that I am consistently following and maintaining a set routine is critical as an entrepreneur to ensure that I am at my most productive. In fact, this year my key goal for 2019 was to establish and follow a morning/evening routine. I’ve come to realize that Sundays are particularly crucial in order for me to go into the week feeling organized, focused and ready to crush through my goals. 

Here are my top 8 hacks for Sunday which are guaranteed to set you up for a better week!

Go Grocery Shopping

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This is something that I love to do on Sunday mornings. There’s something therapeutic about grabbing a coffee and walking over to the local grocery store. A bonus is that early in the morning, there usually aren’t very many people which makes shopping much easier. 

Meal Prep

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Now that you have fresh groceries, the next step is to meal prep! I personally find that I tend to slack on cooking throughout the week - if I’m just wrapping up my day at 8pm the last thing that I feel like doing is cooking (haha who else can relate?!). Having my dinners and lunches prepped for weekdays (Monday-Friday) ahead of time makes a massive difference and really doesn’t usually take me more than 60-90 min!

Spend Some Time Outside


I always find that if I’ve spent the entire day inside I end up feeling a bit bleh towards the evening. Getting outside for a walk, run or some yoga always helps me to take a step back and appreciate each moment for what it is. Even just 45 min goes a really long way here!

Do A Face Mask

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Taking some time for Sunday Self-care is super important in my books! My fav thing to do is throw on a face mask and light some candles. My current favourite is our Detox Green Tea Antioxidant Clay Mask! Some other things you can do are go get your haircut, go for a mani/pedi, take a nice long bath or meditate!

Make The Most Do-Tasks For The Week

Most of us usually have a running to-do list of miscellaneous tasks that we want to get to. I find it’s super helpful to go through and pick out the “must do” tasks of your upcoming week. These are the top 5-10 tasks (just 1-2 per day) which if you accomplished, you would leave the week feeling like you got everything done that you needed to! Reviewing and creating this list establishes the baseline for what your week will fill out to be.

Review Your Calendar 

On Sunday evenings I like to skim my calendar for the upcoming week to review what I have on deck. This helps your brain to mentally prepare for what is to come and passively allows you to think through your upcoming week. For super busy weeks, it will also help you to ensure that you aren’t double booked and sort up any loose ends.

    Book In Time For Yourself 

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    Last but not least, make sure that you leave some time for yourself! Between family, friends and work commitments, it can be super easy to forget to leave time for you to be alone and focused on yourself. Oh and by book, in I mean literally book off the time in your calendar so that you don’t forget! I’m an introvert so I like to have 2 nights minimum per week with nothing planned, but find the balance that works best for you! I have friends who will only commit to 1-2 things per week whereas others only need a few hours by themselves per week to fully recharge.

    And there you have it lovelies! 7 Sunday Habits so that you can optimize your week to the fullest 🤗What do you make sure to incorporate on your Sundays? Let us know in the comments below! 👇🏻 

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