Here's Everything You Need to Know About Our Brighter Days Red Algae + Avocado Biodegradable Eye Masks

Here's Everything You Need to Know About Our Brighter Days Red Algae + Avocado Biodegradable Eye Masks - Three Ships

Introducing our latest launch: Brighter Days Red Algae + Avocado Biodegradable Eye Masks! These biodegradable hydrogel eye masks are the first of their kind, made of plant-based ingredients to brighten, depuff and hydrate the under-eye area in just 10 minutes!  

About Brighter Days Red Algae + Avocado Biodegradable Eye Masks

Our NEW Brighter Days Eye Masks are formulated with upcycled avocados (i.e. damaged fruit that would otherwise be thrown out!) and they fully biodegrade in water. They also include Red Algae  (Chondrus Crispus Extract), and Glycerin to deeply penetrate the dermis layer while plumping and softening the skin, leaving you ready to take on the day! 

Brighter Days Red Algae + Avocado Biodegradable Eye Masks, stock photo

The Making of Brighter Days

In 2021, co-founder Laura was walking down the beaches of PEI on a family vacation when she noticed pieces of seaweed laying in the sand. Intrigued with the material, she took some home, dried them out then rehydrated the seaweed hours later. The results showed that the seaweed was able to absorb water and adhere to the face. With this in mind, Laura began her journey of formulating Brighter Days!

Image of Laura walking with her family

Hero Ingredients 

  • Red Algae: The main ingredient that make these masks lightweight & biodegradable. Red Algae naturally allows it to adhere to the face without adhesive, plus it also contains amino acids that help keep the skin hydrated! 
  • Avocado Extract:  Love avocados? So do we!  We used upcycled avocados  to prevent damaged fruit from going to waste - so you get all the moisturizing and skin-nourishing benefits of this fatty acid-rich fruit!
  • Glycerin: Contains a small molecule that can penetrate through the skin barrier and to the dermis and stay there, plumping the skin from within - stay fresh and hydrated! 

How it Works 

Simply apply the masks to clean skin, leaving them on for 10-20 minutes. 

These masks are designed to adhere to your face, so you can focus on other tasks while brightening your under-eye area. Do your makeup, walk your dog, read a book - the possibilities are endless! Once you're done, remove the eye masks and pat any excess serum into the skin. Place your masks into lukewarm water and wait for them to magically dissolve within 10 minutes! 

PRO TIP: You can adjust the size of the mask to better fit your under-eye area by snipping the corner with a fingernail or scissors so it sits neatly

Brighter Days Red Algae + Avocado Biodegradable Eye Masks, model holding up mask to face

Why it's Not Just Any Eye Mask 

Say goodbye to tired, puffy under eyes! These hydrogel masks help diminish the appearance of dark circles and the best part is - it's guilt free! It might seem strange to watch a beauty product disappear in front of your eyes,  but we promise it’s a good thing! Our masks fully biodegrade when you put them in water, so your next self-care session will be more sustainable. While other eye masks are typically created from microplastics and will take hundreds of years to decompose, Brighter Days is formulated to allow a fast and simple biodegradable process. Put your best face forward without causing unnecessary waste with Brighter Days Eye Masks! 



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