Three Ships Rewards Program

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How It Works


Join the Three Ships Reward Program and earn 25 points today.


Earn Points
Earn points with every purchase and through special actions.


Redeem your points for products and exclusive discounts.

Ways To Earn


5 Points


5 Points


5 Points


25 Points


10 Points


50 Points


5 Points


150 Points

VIPs Earn More

New Project

The Crew

0-199 Points

  • 1 point added to your account for every $1 spent on the Three Ships website
  • 10% birthday discount
  • 25 points signing bonus
  • First to know about new product launch

New Project New Project

The First Mate

200-499 Points

Everything from The Crew* plus…

  • 20% birthday discount
  • Pre-Production Sample Group
  • Shop sales before anyone else
  • Four minis with next purchase

New Project New Project New Project

The Fleet VIP

500+ Points

Everything from the First Mate* plus…

  • Redeem points for “cash” (gift card rewards)
  • 30% birthday discount
  • Exclusive merch
  • Earn Commission with a Custom Discount Code
  • Early access to products & sales
  • Free full size product with your next purchase

*Exclusions apply, be sure to add product to cart before entering in the discount code

Give $15, Get $15

Refer a friend and earn $15 in points (150 points) for yourself and they’ll receive $15, no minimum purchase!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! All individual priced Three Ships Products are eligible for points redemption (exclusions include: kits, bundles, merch & gift cards)

No! Three Ships points are valid for the lifetime of the account

After entering your birth date in your account, you will receive your discount eligibility on the morning of your birthday. The discount will usually show between 9 am and 12 pm EST, so please don't worry if they don't show at midnight. Please note: If you entered your birth date less than 30 days before your birthday, you will receive your birthday bonus 30 days after the entry date. You will not receive your birthday discount if you enter your birth date after it has already passed. You’ll receive your points on your actual birthday the following year.

21 days after your order ships, you’ll receive an email asking you to leave a review for one of the products that you purchased. Submit your review through the email and 10 points will be added to your account automatically. *Please note: We are unable to give Three Ships points for reviews not completed through review-related emails or for multiple reviews of the same product.

Thanks for sharing 3S with friends and family! Your referred friends and family will receive $15 off their first order and you'll get 150 Points once their purchase is completed.

The First Mate and The Fleet are both eligible to be a part of the Pre-Production Sample group, you will be sent an email prompting you to fill out a google form which will act as your registration to our PPS group. Please note: Not everyone will be contacted to be a part of the PPS group for each product launch as there is a limited number of samples available!

Yes! Points that have been redeemed for a product will automatically return back to your account if the code has not been used within 1 hour of redeeming.

If you have already purchased the product with your points, you are able to return the product to us as long as the product has not been used or opened! Please send an email to and we can facilitate a return.

Someone from our team will review your application to ensure you’ve correctly reached The Fleet VIP (Tier 3). Once vetted, you will be accepted into our community and will receive an email from our team with a link to register your details (social handles, shipping address, etc.). Once completed, we will reach out to activate your custom affiliate discount code/link so you can start earning commission on all referred sales! Additionally, you’ll now have access to all of The Fleet VIP perks, including first access to product launches and campaigns, free exclusive merchandise and giveaways, 30% birthday discount, and much more!

Yes! With the exclusion of the following actions to earn points: Following us on Instagram, TikTok or liking us on Facebook will have a delay of 36 hours before you see the points reflected in your account. This is to ensure that no fraud is occurring.

Unfortunately, no! All purchases must be made on the Three Ships Beauty website in order to receive points

The birthday discounts are not compounded, each discount listed is exclusive to that tier. Additionally, the free mini products are exclusive to the The First Mate tier and are not included in The Fleet tier.

A discount code will be emailed to you when you enter into the new tier, this discount code will make the Discovery Kit free at checkout! Be sure to add the Discovery Kit to your cart BEFORE entering the discount.

A discount code will be emailed to you when you enter into the new tier, this discount code will make one item in your cart free! This item is set by Three Ships and will change on occasion! Be sure to add the item to your to your cart BEFORE checking out. The discount code will need to be entered at checkout in order to get the item for free.

Yes! If you are interested in being a part of the Fleet Affiliate Ambassador program where you an earn commission with your personal discount code, you will need to be in the top tier of the Reward program: The Fleet VIP tier. To find out more see the VIPs Earn More section above.

Once logged in to your account, look to the bottom left hand side there is a small purple button that says "Rewards" with a gift icon located next to it. Once selected, a launcher will appear, navigate to the section labelled Rewards Program and select the option that says "Redeem Points". Once selected all options for redemption will appear, you will only be able to select the product in which you have enough points for.

Get 25 Points for Joining Today!