Patting - The Japanese Skincare Technique For Glowing, Flawless Skin

Patting - The Japanese Skincare Technique For Glowing, Flawless Skin - Three Ships
Growing up, coming from a Japanese family, I had always seen my mom and celebrities in TV commercials patting their faces as they applied toner, serum, or lotion. Whenever I heard the sound of my mom patting I knew she was doing her skincare routine. I remember asking her why she’d pat her skin and she replied, “so whatever skincare products you’re using can really sink into your skin”. Recently, my friend saw me patting and asked “you do the pat thing too?!” That’s when I came to realize it may not be the usual thing to do outside of Asia - so let me walk you through this skin care application technique.

Why Patting Over Rubbing?

According to skincare experts, rubbing can cause stress to the delicate layers of your skin, which can lead to spots and irritation. Although a gentle circular motion for products like a foam cleanser is considered fine, rubbing delicate areas, such as the skin around your eyes, is a big no-no.

So what are the benefits of patting?

  • It’s gentler than rubbing, which means less stress on your skin
    • When you’re rubbing you forcefully stretch your skin in different directions which can disrupt your natural elasticity. By patting, you can say bye to future wrinkles too!
  • It helps to absorb and increase effectiveness of ingredients
    • It enhances the effect of ingredients in skincare products even more if you warm it up before applying on to your face! It absorbs faster, and keeps your skin moisturized longer. It also lets the skin to drink up the nutrients, rather than rubbing and force feeding your skin.
  • It stimulates blood flow which gives your skin a natural glow
    • This will help you get rid of toxins and give natural glow and warmth to your cheeks.

How to Pat

1. Make sure your hands are clean and your skin is damp.
2. Pour the cleanser, serum or your product of choice onto the palms of your hand and warm it between your fingertips to make it as close to your body temperature to enhance the effectiveness.
3. Use your fingertips and gently press the product on to your skin.

Warmth and gentleness is the key to healthy, flawless skin! How do you apply your skincare products? Let us know in the comment below.

Written by Yuri Hirama

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