Break Up With Your Phone

Break Up With Your Phone - Three Ships

If you have been reading our #HerHustle interview series, you may have realized that a majority of the girl bosses mention “no screen time” as part of their daily routine to keep them stay balanced.

Why is no-screen time a thing?

I think we are all aware that blue light and such damage your eyes, and it can have pretty nasty effects on your brain and productivity level. We understand that deleting social media apps triggers FOMO - because social media is a perfect platform to check what’s everyone’s up to. But if you come to think of it, is the information you’re scrolling through really info you absolutely can’t miss out on?

What has really stuck with me from #HerHustle interview was when I interviewed Palak Loizides, founder of Embiria. in July she said she tries not to use her phone for at least an hour after she wakes up in the morning and that “If you give yourself some space, that’s when the ideas come into fruition and you can take that time and be inspired, instead of immersing yourself in someone else’s ideas and looking at other people’s content (first thing in the morning)”.

Personally, I deleted my Instagram app for two weeks to see how that changes my life. Honestly, I didn’t experience any negative consequences, which let me reconsider the importance of having social media apps on my phone.


I felt less distracted, more focused on what was happening in my real life, definitely less phone time, and less unnecessary negative indescribable feelings that I would usually get from scrolling through my Instagram feed.

Maybe it’s just me - but I felt that unplugging every once in a while really would help me to realize that I don’t need to keep checking my Instagram everyday to be on top of everything.

Of course it’s your choice. If you’re not heavily dependent on social media in the first place, you probably don’t need to detox. But if you are curious about social media detox, and wondering how to cut off strings with your phone, here are some tips:

1. Mute your notifications

 If you have an iPhone, hit the “Night Shift” mode to minimize distractions.

2. Use an app to track your time online

Did you know that on Instagram if you click “Your activity” under the three bars sign there’s a page where it shows your time spent on Instagram? Use this function to turn off notification/ set a daily reminder.

3. Try uninstalling apps

Try to uninstall apps for a few days and see how that goes. Sometimes all you have to do is make them invisible.

4. Ask your friend to change your social media password for you

This works for some people since you don’t have a control over your social media account and would not be able to log in unless you ask your friend for a new password.

5. Buy an old-fashioned alarm clock

Buy an old-fashioned alarm clock, and put your phone in another room while sleeping. This will give you quality sleep, with no distractions.

Do you have any suggestions or better ways to deal with breaking up with your phone? Share with us in the comments below!

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