17 Ways to Upcycle Your Three Ships Empties

17 Ways to Upcycle Your Three Ships Empties - Three Ships

Did you know that the cardboard tubes, glass bottles, and droppers can become your everyday essentials? We've got effortless ways for you to upcycle our zero-waste product packaging! 

Upcycling Cardboard Outer packaging

Our cardboard packaging protects your glass jars from breakage and can easily be upcycled for everyday use. Our cleanser, toner, and serum packaging are perfect for

  • Storing your makeup brushes

  • Holding pencils and pens

Three Ships Beauty Upcycle Packaging Sustainable

Repurpose your Three Ships mask and cream packaging for

  • Storing your cotton rounds and Q-tips 

  • Holding hair clips and elastic bands

  • Storing jewelry pieces like earrings and rings 

Three Ships Beauty Upcycle Packaging Sustainable

Upcycling Empty Bottles 

Your empty serum and cleanser bottles are perfect for propagating small plants. You can use them as mini flower vases or fill them with water to grow leaf cuttings. Get creative and paint or spray paint your empty bottles to make flower vases.

Three Ships Beauty Upcycle Packaging Sustainable
Upcycling Empty Jars  

There are numerous ways to upcycle your empty Three Ships jars. 
  • Re-use your empty glass jar as a container for mixing your next Three Ships mask.
  • These glass jars are great for storing jewelry and can be used for traveling.

  • If you love gardening, add some soil to your jar and use it to plant succulents and cacti. 

  • To stay organized, use your jar to store any office supplies such as paper clips or pins.

  • If you’re on the go, use the jar to store any snacks, vitamins, or medication. 

  • Our lip product glass jars can be upcycled as candle holders or make your own DIY soy candles. 

Upcycling Serum Bottles 

There are a variety of ways you can upcycle your serum droppers. 

  • Use the dropper to add water to your Three Ships masks 

  • The dropper can be used for watercolor art 

  • If you love baking, use your serum bottle to store vanilla extract 

  • Your serum bottles are great for storing essential oils 

Upcycling Cleanser Bottles

Upcycle your Purify Cleanser pump for storing liquids that are similar in consistency. 

  • The bottle can be used for storing hand sanitizer and moisturizer on the go. 

  • The pump can also be upcycled for storing liquid hand soap or refillable dish soap. 

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