Our 5 Favourite Startup Podcasts to Get You Inspired

Our 5 Favourite Startup Podcasts to Get You Inspired - Three Ships

We get it, adulting is hard. At times where we find ourselves wanting to hide under the covers all day (or all week?) instead of being the #girlbosses we are, we turn to these podcasts to motivate us to hop out of bed and get sh*t done.

1. How I Built This

how i built this podcast

Our all-time favourite podcast, where host Guy Raz sits down with
some of the most inspirational entrepreneurs to learn how they
started their companies, and the problems they solved along the way.
Our favourite episode are the entrepreneurial journeys of
female-founded Spanx, Stitch Fix, and LÄRABAR.

2. Optimal Living Daily

optimal living daily podcast

What we love about Optimal Living Daily is that the daily episodes
are quick, bite-size segments (10 minutes on average) that leave
you feeling uplifted and happier. They also have sister podcasts,
such as Optimal Finance Daily and Optimal Health Daily.

3. The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

the skinny confidential podcast

 If you like all things health, wellness, and hustle, this podcast is for you!
Created by total #girlboss Lauryn Evartz, founder of The Skinny Confidential,
this weekly podcast includes features of entrepreneurs and wellness experts.

 4. The MFCEO Project

mfceo project podcast

This inspiring podcast is hosted by Andy Frisella, an entrepreneur
who built his health empire around a community, leading him to
$100M in annual sales. Listen to this podcast if you like
real talk, straight-forward advice that works.

5. Skimm'd from The Couch

skimm'd from the couch

Similar to How I Built This, this podcast focuses on female 
leaders and entrepreneurs, and the challenges and wins
they've encountered throughout their careers.

What are some of your favourite podcasts? We'd love to know! Leave them in the comments below. :)