Summer Starts Next Week. Are You (and Your Skin) Ready?

Summer Starts Next Week. Are You (and Your Skin) Ready? - Three Ships

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Skin changes with the seasons, and summer is no different. Summer officially starts on June 20th - along with added sweat, bacteria, and excess oil. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Launching tomorrow, we’ve created a ‘Set-for-Summer’ Skin Challenge to help you prep your skin for the changing environment. You'll achieve healthy, glowing summer skin in no time!

Set-for-Summer Skin Challenge

We’ve got the perfect guide to help you treat your summer skin concerns. Every day from June 12th through June 18th, we will be sharing summer tips and tutorials on Instagram and via our email list! Here is each day’s focus:

Set for Summer Skin Challenge - Three Ships
  • June 12: How To Deal With Your Sweaty Skin
  • June 13: Should You Exfoliate More During the Summer?
  • June 14: How to Fight Summer Acne 
  • June 15: Why a Toner will be Your Summer BFF
  • June 16: 2 Steps to Soft, Summer Lips
  • June 17: SPF Facts You NEED to Know
  • June 18: Get the Summer Glow Up!

Get access to our summer deals

We will also be offering surprise freebies and deals every day during the challenge, so keep your notifications on. We’ve got a few we know you will be excited about!

Make the most of it and track your skin progress!

  • Snap a before/after pictures from the 7 days and send them to us; we’d love to see how far you’ve come in your skin journey
  • Set the calendar as your phone wallpaper for daily reminders
  • Share and complete the challenge with friends and family
  • Pose in the mirror and appreciate your skin :)

Ready… Get Set for Summer… Glow!