The Science Behind Why You Need to Transition Your Skincare in the Spring - with Dr. Sandy Skotnicki

The Science Behind Why You Need to Transition Your Skincare in the Spring - with Dr. Sandy Skotnicki - Three Ships

Did you know that, like the seasons changing, your skin also goes through a similar transition period? As we transition into the warmer months, we sit down with our Dermatologist Partner Dr Sandy Skotnicki to learn more about switching your skincare with the changing of seasons. 

How Does Your Skin Change From Winter to Spring?

Dr Sandy Skotnicki: During the cold winter months, your skin’s lipid production and barrier function are lowered. This means that your skin barrier is not as strong, leading to water loss through your skin. You may also feel more dry and have a rougher skin texture. 

Going into spring/summer, lipid production that was previously lowered will be restored – leading to a stronger skin barrier and less water loss. With increased humidity in the weather, your skin will also see an increase in sebum production. Sebum is necessary for your skin’s moisture, however, excess sebum can lead to oily skin and acne breakouts. The solution? Switch up your skincare as we transition into the new season!

Dr. Sandy Skotnicki - Spring Clean Skincare

What Changes Do Your Recommend for Changing Your Skincare This Spring?

Dr Sandy Skotnicki: You are going to want to add in products that include ingredients that target excess oil and are great at fighting breakouts. Three Ships Spring Clean Bundle includes both of these components and will help your skin’s changing needs as we enter into the warmer months. The Refresh Cleanser contains natural salicylic acid, and the Awake Toner’s alcohol-free witch hazel and rose water degrease the skin while controlling excess oil.

Shop the Spring Clean Bundle and get 20% off Refresh Cleanser and Awake Toner, and a FREE mini Dew Drops Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin C serum! This limited-edition bundle will only be available until Sunday, April 10th. 

Three Ships Beauty Spring Clean Bundle
Any other tips to share to our readers?
Dr Sandy Skotnicki: Number 1 tip is to wear sunscreen every day. Don’t forget to follow up your skincare routine with some SPF (and reapply throughout the day) to keep your skin protected from harmful UV rays. 

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