Three Ships #HerHustle Interview with Aura Inner Beauty Founder, Avalon Lukacs

Three Ships #HerHustle Interview with Aura Inner Beauty Founder, Avalon Lukacs - Three Ships

Born in Vancouver BC, Avalon moved to Calgary AB at the age of 17 to pursue her university studies. After graduation, it didn’t take Avalon very long to follow her entrepreneurial dreams by launching her first side hustle as an online green beauty retailer, all the while working at her corporate day-job and studying for her MBA in her ‘off-time.’ She is now a mother to twin boys and loves chasing the sun and exploring all that the Hawaiian Islands have to offer as their favourite vacation hot-spot.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself, and what inspired you to start Aura Inner Beauty?
After having nearly a perfect complexion most of my life, it left me very confused when I experienced ‘hormonal’ acne for the first time during university. After four years of trying every topical product and treatment imaginable, I discovered the power of botanical ingredients that helped heal my skin from within. Little did I know, skin issues were only the start of my journey. After experiencing stress over a very long period of time, dealing with bouts of fatigue and burnout and going through body changes after my pregnancy, I was pleasantly surprised that the healing wonders of botanicals extended well beyond skin deep. After all of my struggles, I was inspired and empowered to help others suffering from the same health issues.

What does your typical day look like?
Let’s just say that #herhustle is real - a typical day is quite chaotic. With two year old twins, a new business, and maintaining a corporate career, I struggle to find the time in a day where I can stop and reflect, let alone fit anything else in my overbooked calendar. My favourite part of the day starts off by snuggling my boys, followed by making breakfast for our family, with the rest of the day that can only be best described as ‘organized chaos.’

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What was the worst piece of advice you’ve ever received? 
‘You will regret taking your MBA’ - first of all, whether you have an education or don’t, I’m a firm believer that we are all incredibly capable of accomplishing whatever we set our minds to. I think most people suggested against an MBA because it wouldn’t advance my career, but for me, it was an especially important personal journey that gave me the courage to follow my passion for AURA - so it might not be for everyone, but it was life-changing for me.

What does success mean to you?
Success for me is measured by the feedback that I receive from someone using AURA’s products - I feel extremely successful every time I hear that AURA has made a positive difference on someone’s journey towards improving their health or wellness.

In moments of self-doubt or adversity, how do you build yourself back up?
It is important for me to remain vulnerable and authentic by embracing my feelings at that moment, for better or for worse, which can often lead to overwhelming feelings of self-doubt, anxiety and stress. The next day is key for me, it is a new day, a day to start fresh, recalibrate and push through those feelings of uncertainty and adversity. At the end of the day, it is important for me to take a moment to reflect on the bigger picture, plan around the things that I can control and just let go of the things that I can’t, because those will be the things that prevent me from moving forward. 

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Do you have any morning routines or evening rituals to help you stay balanced?
Of course, it would have to be my daily dose of AURA - in all seriousness though, I wouldn’t say that I necessarily have a daily ritual that helps me stay balanced, but I do try to give myself a break whenever I’ve been pushing a little too hard - not everything needs to happen overnight. One thing that is quickly becoming an evening routine for me has been listening to a meditation app right before I fall asleep, like Headspace, which really helps relieve feelings of restlessness. 

What has been your favourite entrepreneur moment since starting Aura Inner Beauty?
This is a pretty funny story actually but, I recently had an exclusive spa owned by a celebrity reach out about carrying our products. I’ve been forwarding my husband anything related to business development, I guess he opened the email and was so excited he thought it was worthy of waking me up in the middle of the night to tell me. That moment makes my heart smile and think how he finally gets the entrepreneur itch now! 

Where can we find you?
You can find us on Instagram @aurainnerbeauty or online at - I’m also on Instagram @avalonliza, but truthfully my feed is pretty uneventful - so I’d be happy to connect directly at (maybe I’m old fashioned).

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