Three Ships #HerHustle Interview with The Well Necessities Founder, Lisa Hayim

Three Ships #HerHustle Interview with The Well Necessities Founder, Lisa Hayim - Three Ships
Lisa Hayim is a Registered Dietitian with a Master's degree in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology from Columbia University. Having crossed the line herself, Lisa understands the fine line between eating healthy & becoming obsessive about it. Her Modern Mindful Eating Method teaches real tools to tap into our body’s wisdom while naturally boosting confidence to ditch food rules and captivity. When we have the tools to F*RK THE NOISE, staying connected to our highest self is easy.  We can step into our full power knowing we trust ourselves and our self worth is limitless ! ♡
Can you tell us a bit about yourself, and what inspired you to start The Well Necessities (TWN)?
TWN started as a way for me to share my life authentically, as well as start my private nutrition business. It still stands for authentic introspective living where I share what makes me feel aligned- whether that's recipes, products, or helpful tools to make peace with food.

What does your typical day look like?
I love that there is no typical day! Working for myself means I do a lot of tasks and roles.  Some days it’s content creation like writing blogs and newsletters, other days its showing up live for my F*RK the Noise Students. I love that it challenges me to acquire new skills in order to serve and provide value. 

What was the worst piece of advice you've ever received?
I don’t remember-- probably didn’t take it and therefore wouldn’t remember it! 

the well necessities founder interview lisa hayim
What does success mean to you?
It means balancing my personal needs with my professional goals- never losing sight of my WHY and finding fulfillment and joy in the process and not getting lost in chase of “becoming.”

In moments of self-doubt or adversity, how do you build yourself back up?
I take time off social media, and even my phone and technology. There’s too much access to information these days. It leaves no room to create our own thoughts. I love to get lost in fiction books and take the pressure off of myself to “create” and “do.”  I find that it naturally comes back to me when I relax and let my brain do its thing.

Do you have any morning routines or evening rituals to help you stay balanced?
Evening rituals are really important to me. I’m not the best sleeper but setting myself up for success is important. Sleep is cleansing and a lot of processes go to work-- so I do my best to make sure I take time to do facial massage, put the phone down, grab a book, spray my pillow with pillow spray, and properly wind down.

the well necessities founder interview lisa hayim
What are your top wellness tips that you can share with our community to maintain a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being during this time?
Allow yourself to feel emotions-- discomfort and growth go hand in hand. In order to grow we need to feel uncomfortable.

Don’t believe everything the mind says - learning to observe your thoughts allows me to respond with care rather than react to false evidence appearing real (FEAR).  

Always remember you’re your own expert and no one knows your body like you.  It’s easy to do what someone else is doing but remember that only you know what you need!

You can follow along Lily's wellness journey on IG @thewellnecessities (you can find her famous papaya boat recipe there!) or on her website

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