We partnered with @dirtyboysgetclean for our first-ever influencer collab!

We partnered with @dirtyboysgetclean for our first-ever influencer collab! - Three Ships

We first worked with Matt at the beginning of our re-brand as Three Ships for product photography. He was amazing to work with, and we have continued that relationship to date.

When we decided we wanted to do an influencer product collab, he immediately came to mind. We love how Matt shares honest reviews of skincare products, discusses the ever-importance of SPF, and of course, we can't help but love his pink IG grid aesthetic!

Matt has received global recognition as an IG skin influencer, being featured in Cosmopolitan UK, Glamour Germany, Vogue Thailand, Vogue India, and has written articles for Poosh and GLW.

We couldn't wait to work with him to create our Get Clean Reusable Bamboo Cosmetic Rounds! Let's hear his thoughts on the process...

Can you tell us a bit about yourself, and what inspired you to share your skincare journey on Instagram under @dirtyboysgetclean?

I was struggling with finding authentic reviews on products at the time. Everything seemed very inauthentic to me. I started @dirtyboysgetclean just as an outlet for me to share my thoughts on products. I wanted to create a space of community where my passion for products and self-care wouldn’t be seen as “weird”. I wanted to have a place where I didn’t have to feel ashamed of my product collection. 

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Was it challenging growing your account at the beginning? How is managing your IG account now?

To be honest, no. I think at the time (early 2017) it was a great time for growth on IG. It’s really interesting because I didn’t keep track of my growth or numbers at the time. It was purely for fun and passion. Of course, now that I do this as my full-time job, I am more forced in a way to keep up with analytics.

Managing my account today is challenging at times, honestly. I would be lying if I said it was easy to keep up with packages, emails, DMs, comments, creating content, editing, etc. But, I find that for me, writing everything down on paper is key to managing my time. I have a planner, a notebook, and a task journal. It’s a whole thing, haha!


Any advice for people starting out growing their IG account?

Find what makes you unique and go with that. There are millions of accounts out there posting about beauty. But if you have a unique perspective-- you will stand out and grow. Don’t try to be like someone else or you will just blend in. Also, be consistent with posting and always make time to reply to comments, support others, reply to DMs, etc.

Three Ships Beauty, dirtyboysgetclean, Matt Woodcox, Collaboration, Interview

What interested you in working with Three Ships on a product collab?

It’s actually super interesting because when Three Ships approached me to do something together I had so many people asking me if I would ever release “merch”. It never really crossed my mind until a few months prior to Three Ships asking me to create something with them. So I suppose initially it was others wanting merch from me.

When Three Ships asked to collab with me on something, I knew it was a great fit because I had worked with them on their initial launch creating content for them and also on a sponsored post. So, it was a great fit because I knew the brand and founders already. 

Can you walk us through what parts of the process you were involved with in creating the cotton rounds?

Well I was very vocal about what I wanted as I am a super particular person, lol! I knew they had to be unique from anything else on the market. I was involved with every aspect down to the words printed on them and the quality. We wanted them to be quality, cute, and unique! Three Ships made sure to include me and get my feedback on everything. I am not the type of person who just throws my name on something. So when you see these cotton rounds, you can be assured that every detail was thought through and a true collaboration.

Fun fact: the words printed on the rounds actually came from my IG followers. I had sneakily asked them months ago what affirmations or reminders they tell themselves when they are feeling down about their skin. It was important to me that they be part of this even if they weren’t aware at the time, haha! 

 Three Ships Beauty, dirtyboysgetclean, Matt Woodcox, Collaboration, Interview

What was your favorite part of the collaboration?

Honestly, the creative aspects of it. Seeing all of our work from zoom calls, emails, etc., come to life. 

How do you use cotton rounds in your daily skincare routine? 

I use them in the morning to apply my toner. At night I like to apply cleansing oil to the cotton rounds to remove any makeup/SPF and then to apply toner to my skin. I love how gentle they are on the skin. 

What is your fave Three ships product?

Aside from the cotton rounds? Lol! I actually really love the Clarify Tea Tree Cleansing Oil. 

Clarify Tea Tree Cleansing Oik

Do you have a daily morning or evening routine? What does it look like?

It really depends on what all I have to do that day. When I wake up I like to have a cup of mint tea, check any important emails, and then do my skincare routine for the day. At night I will unwind by cooking dinner, doing my skincare routine and then usually I will watch some reality tv like The Real Housewives or cooking shows on Food Network.

I find it super vital to take time out during the day and night to give back to yourself. We spend the majority of our day giving to others through whatever work we each do, right? So taking 10-15 minutes to do a skincare routine is like the best “me” time. 

Follow Matt online:
Instagram: @dirtyboysgetclean
TikTok: @dirtyboysgetclean

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