What Natural Means to Us and Our 2,500 Banned Ingredients

What Natural Means to Us and Our 2,500 Banned Ingredients - Three Ships

Ready to start your skincare detox? We’re here to walk you through how to understand natural skincare and build your routine with the power of knowledge!

Our Definition of Natural

There are many misconceptions surrounding “natural” beauty and what that entails. For example, greenwashing has made it difficult for consumers to discern which products are truly natural versus products that are only marketed as natural. This misconception leads to a lot of cynicism amongst consumers, which is why Three Ships Beauty aims to educate and spread power through knowledge. Just because a product has a picture of aloe or citrus on the front, doesn't mean it's 100% natural. At Three Ships Beauty, our approach is intentional - we formulate with 100% natural ingredients (including the use of aloe and citrus)! 

Defining terms like “natural”, “green” and “clean” helps create accountability. For us, NATURAL means: we only use ingredients which are made of plants and/or natural minerals (excluding petroleum or petroleum by-products) that may undergo biological changes due to chemical processes such as fermentation, extraction, distillation, and cold processing.

Three Ships Beauty Natural Skincare Banned Ingredients

Our 2500 Banned Ingredients and Why?

Why do natural skincare products choose to avoid using Parabens, SLS + SLES, Artificial Colors/Flavors, Plastic Microbeads and Silicones and others? Some reasons to not include these ingredients range from not being suitable for those with sensitive skin to not safe for infants. In the U.S, only 30 ingredients are banned in the cosmetics and skincare industry while Europe bans over 1,300 ingredients. This difference is extremely impactful, as harmful ingredients can be linked to cancer, hormone disruption, allergies/sensitization, and toxicity to the environment and to the human body.


At Three Ships Beauty, we have a list of 2,500 ingredients that are banned from our products (here's the entire list if you really feel like geeking out with us!). You can learn more about each and every ingredient we use in our Ingredient Glossary. Many of these banned ingredients are pulled from credible lists such as the Credo Beauty Dirty List and Environmental Working Group banned ingredients. The skincare industry has come a long way in discovering and harnessing ingredients that are naturally derived to replace the ones above! 

Three Ships Beauty Banned Ingredients Natural Skincare

Switch to Natural 

If you're looking to pick-up some all-natural, vegan, and cruelty-free skincare products, here are some products we suggest! (P.S, these are great for winter dry skin as well)

Cleanser: Purify Aloe + Amino Acid Cleanser
Serum: Dew Drops Mushroom Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin C Serum 
Moisturizer: Radiance Grape Stem Cell + Squalene Day Cream 
Oil Serum: Hydrate 49% Almond Oil Serum 

Or... click on the picture below to get a personalized skincare routine recommended for you!

Purify Aloe + Amino Acid Cleanser, Skin Hero Bakuchiol + Calendula Bio-Retinol Serum, Superfruit Lactic + Multifruit 8% AHA Exfoliating Mask, Brighter Days Red Algae + Avocado Biodegradable Eye Mask, Dream Bio-Retinol + Shorea Butter Night Cream, Dew Drops Mushroom Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin C Serum stock image

We hope you learned a little more about the products on your shelf and what it means to use natural skincare products! 

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