Do You Really Need a Day and Night Skincare Routine – We’re Asking a Dermatologist | Expert Talks

Do You Really Need a Day and Night Skincare Routine – We’re Asking a Dermatologist | Expert Talks - Three Ships

Dr. Renée A. Beach, MD, FRCPC is a certified dermatologist practicing in Toronto and an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto.  Her goal is to provide the best possible dermatologic care to all skin tones and skin types. This desire has helped shape the vision of her forthcoming office, DermAtelier on Avenue, launching October 2020 with both medical and cosmetic dermatology services

When did you become interested in skincare and dermatology?

During undergrad, I had (what I felt was) horrible acne – made me very self-conscious. I also had and still have eczema. Together, treating both was a challenge because acne products would often flare up my eczema. I became interested in medicine in general, and dermatology’s interplay of medicine, visual perception, and social impact in particular.

What does a typical work day look like?

I don’t have any typical days right now! I am preparing to launch my own office October 2020 – DermAtelier on Avenue, so each day is different. I am awake no later than 7am and sleep by midnight. Generally, a working day would involve seeing patients from 8:45AM to 4:00PM, completing paperwork in between patients, and after patients. I try to leave the office by 6:00PM …  now my days are filled with site visits, construction updates, and practice decisions. It’s a lot but worth it.

How does our skin’s needs differ from morning to night-time?

It depends on one’s skin type. For example, dry skin will remain dry. In contrast, oily skin will generally get oilier as the day progresses. Combination skin will have a bit more oiliness/ shine at the T-zone as the day wears on.

What’s consistent is that a clean face is needed day, afternoon and evening when at all possible. That means starting the day with a clean, washed face and retiring to bed with a clean, makeup free face.

Now that many aren’t leaving their homes during the day, is there still a need to protect from external pollutants?

Unfortunately yes – pollutants and free radical damage are still abound. It’s a great idea to protect oneself from this with serums that contain antioxidants like Ferulic acid or Vitamin E.

What are the key steps to an effective daytime skincare routine?

    1. Clean hands to clean the face
    2. Wash the face with a non-irritating facial cleanser for 1 minute 
    3. Pat dry
    4. Apply serum (anti-oxidant treatment/ protectant to the face)
    5. Apply sunscreen (non greasy formulation)

What are the key steps to an effective nighttime routine?

    1. Clean hands to clean the face
    2. Wash the face with a non irritating facial cleanser for 1 minute
    3. Pat dry
    4. Micellar water to ensure makeup is removed
    5. Lotion / hydrating gel to any dry sites on face
    6. Repair treatment: retinol or retinoid or hyaluronic acid -promoting product
    7. GET SLEEP :)))

What are some ingredients that are good to be used both day and night?

    1. WATER!! Having water/ aqua-based product is so key - it will mean the difference between clear skin with radiance and blemished dull skin hues
    2. Ascorbic acid/ Vitamin C – a great protectant and skin tone evening agent in various serums
    3. For acne prone: salicylic acid – gentle on all skin types and effective in getting the skin smoother, and less comedonal plugs
    4. For oily skin: retinol in daytime and night is generally tolerated.  
    5. Sun block agent: zinc – can be used across skin tones without leaving a grey cast/ silvery finish if it’s in a thin lotion form or a melt-in cream vehicle

Where can we find you?

    1. @Dermabeach on Instagram
    3. (clinic website in construction)

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